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Speaking Engagement

Education through experience has been a critical driver of success in our industry for decades. Our mission is to make a lasting positive impact on the industry by partnering with other industry leaders, universities, and non-profit organizations to provide education, mentorship, and outreach opportunities for the next generation of leaders.  

Kyle Grandell and Jason Allen recently spoke at Ferris State University. We had the opportunity to share some innovative solutions to construction challenges from the field and engage with the students based on new technology applications to real-world sites and examples. Engagement from the students provided valuable insight into some of the issues they find most important such as travel considerations, conservation & sustainability, supply chain improvement, and the construction industry worker shortages. These experiences are also valuable for our organization since they provide direct access to the industry's future leaders. Understanding the crucial factors of tomorrow maximizes learning and engagement as attendees apply these in their careers. It also allows us to focus on making a positive difference in the world.

Kyle will be at Western Carolina University on 4/13 to be part of the Laying Foundations Construction Leaders Town Hall event

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